The sea has unique potentials and its environment must be protected. Shipping has been recognised as an efficient and environmental form of transport. A ship consumes far less energy than a heavy goods vehicle (HGV ) per loaded unit, in actual fact even less than a train. This makes shipping an attractive alternative bearing in mind the low levels of carbondioxide emissions. Naturally, all modes of transport are required but increasing transport by sea will contribute to improving the environment and safety.

The Swedish Shipowners’ Association work actively to reduce any negative environmental impact of the shipping industry, nationally as well as internationally. Development of environmentally friendly technology suitable for the international shipping industry is often initiated and guided by our members, as can be observed in the success of projects involving ships propelled by LNG, methanol and battery.


This type of development is expensive and progress is reliant on an apt financial systems with suitable mechanisms in place are we to succeed in achieving positive results for the environment as well as the investors in the companies. The shipping industry is an essential key for solving the environmental issues caused by all freight transport industries. Our politicians have long paid attention to this issue and hopes for a “modal shift” are high.