Swedish Shipowners´ Association launches research strategy 2019–2023

On April 10, the Swedish Shipowners´ Association launches an updated research strategy for 2019–2023. The strategy focuses on sustainable shipping and aims at achieving enhanced competitiveness, increased welfare and safety, zero emissions and social sustainability.

– The members of the Swedish Shipwowners´ Association have for a long time invested in research and innovation issues and, for example, started the national maritime competence center Lighthouse and its regional predecessor. Around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry and the Swedish shipping sector employs about 100,000 people throughout Sweden – an investment in sustainable shipping is thus not only an investment in shipping itself – it is an investment in “Ltd Sweden”. It is therefore important that industry, academia and authorities work actively and together on these issues. The Swedish maritime sector has for a long time been at the forefront in terms of sustainability and we will continue to stand for quality shipping through active involvement in research, innovation and development, Rikard Engström, CEO Swedish Shipowners´ Association, says.

Swedish Shipowners´s Research and Innovation Manager, Suzanne Green, believes that the strategy shows both challenges and solutions for research and innovation.

– The strategy is based on the global sustainability goals, national goals and the shipping companies’ needs and challenges. The areas that are prioritized are all interdisciplinary and tied to competitiveness and sustainability, as well as having technical, economic, legal and political dimensions. Digitization is, for example, a means that creates conditions for, among other things, new business models and working methods – but can also be used to develop better decision support to increase energy efficiency, Suzanne Green says.


In order to achieve future goals, the following five priority areas are prioritized in the strategy; 1. The ship and technology, 2. Fuel and energy , 3. Digitalization and automation, 4. Behaviour and logistics, 5. Knowledge and competence

Contact persons:

Suzanne Green, Research and Innovation Manager, suzanne.green@sweship.se

Rikard Engström, CEO, rikard.engstrom@sweship.se