Press release: New unique cooperation for climate smart shipping launched

A new and unique collaboration, Electromobility for Shipping, has been launched with the aim of strengthening the development towards a climate smart maritime sector and with great potential for Swedish exports of environmental technologies.

The Swedish Shipowners´ Association, ABB Sweden AB, ABB Marine Oy, Stena AB, the research institute RISE and the battery company Northvolt have decided to collaborate for increased electrification of shipping. The organizations will jointly contribute to climate-smart shipping, international competitiveness and increased export opportunities for green technologies.

– By working together and using all the knowledge that Sweden possesses, we have a unique opportunity to continue to be world leader in climate smart shipping. Innovative solutions are required to strengthen Swedish competitiveness while promoting sustainable transport. We are therefore very glad that we today take great steps forward in the right direction together by signing a unique Memorandum of Understanding for Electromobility for shipping, Pia Berglund, Vice President, Swedish Shipowners´ Association, says.

– Sustainability is very high on our agenda and we are constantly evaluating new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Batteries and electrification are an important part of Stena’s sustainability strategy and we are proud to be part of developing solutions for future transport through this collaboration, Dan Sten Olsson, CEO, Stena AB, says.

– We believe that modern ships will be built on the foundation of electricity. This expands their range of viable energy sources beyond traditional fuel to for instance batteries and fuel cells. The electrical backbone, integrated with automation and control systems, will also transform the industry from merely connected operations to collaborative and automated operations. We believe that the next generation of ships will be electric, digital and connected – something that makes shipping future-proof , said Marcus Högblom, Head of the Passenger, Ice & Dry Cargo segment, ABB Marine & Ports.

– RISE’s mission is to strengthen Swedish competitiveness and contribute to sustainable development. By utilizing our technical expertise in marine industries and transport electrification, we hope to be a strong innovation partner for Swedish shipping, John Rune Nielsen, Research and Business Development Director, RISE, says.

The launch of ”Electromobility for Shipping” will take place March 21 at 2 pm in Stockholm. Speakers are Mikael Damberg, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Dan Sten Olsson, CEO, Stena AB, Oscar Fors, Northvolt, Mikael Dahlgren, Research Director, ABB, Pia Berglund, Executive vice President Swedish Shipowners´ Association, Marcus Högblom, Head of the Passenger, Ice & Dry Cargo segment, ABB Marine & Ports. and John Rune Nielsen, Business Development Director, RISE.

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