Growth & Competitiveness

The Swedish shipping industry is vitall to the Swedish industry. Over 90 % of Swedish foreign trade is already transported by sea today. This figure is likely to increase given that sea transport is efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, in comparison to ground transport.

Additionally, Sweden has one of the longest coastline in Europe  and can effectively be viewed as an island nation with regard to human and goods transport in and out of the country. Ships and ferries transport over 130 million tonne goods and 28.5 million people annually to and from our ports.

The association is committed to harmonising conditions internationally and to competitive neutrality for Swedish shipping companies. Access to the shipping market should be open.


The turnover for Swedish shipping companies amounts to SEK 50 billion per annum. The number of merchant ships on the Swedish shipping register is above 500 gross  has reduced from 250 a few years ago to approximately 100 at present.

Due to reasons of competition the shipping companies have been forced to sail under flags of other countries, our neighbouring countries for instance.

To reverse this trend, the association has been working towards providing the Swedish shipping industry with internationally competitive terms.

A system for Swedish tonnage tax was adopted in September 2016, effective as of 31 December 2016, a decision important for turn the reflagging of the country practice and consequently of significant importance for Sweden as a future shipping nation.