Press release: New OECD-report describes Sweden as world leader in decarbonization of shipping

On March 9, the new International Transport Forum – OECD report ”Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden” will be released and presented by Olaf Merk, lead author. According to the report, the Swedish maritime sector decarbonization is at the forefront of maritime decarbonisation, compared to other shipping nations. The conclusions from the report show that cooperation, financing and regulatory frameworks are keywords and contributing factors for the unique development of the Swedish maritime sector.

The challenge, according to the report, is to scale up ongoing initiatives, for example with more funding and policy support – both nationally and globally. To promote continued restructuring, it is suggested the government increase the number of financial tools and incentives, such as a green maritime fund or a CO2 fund, support platforms for increased collaboration, set requirements in public procurement of maritime services and change the fairway dues for increased environmental incentives.

– Lessons learned from Sweden should be spread outside the country’s borders. For example, both the International Maritime Organization and Helcom could be platforms where Swedish expertise should be used, Olaf Merk, ITF, says.

– The Swedish maritime sector is prepared to take the next step towards fossil freedom. The Swedish Shipowers´ Association has adopted the goal of zero emissions by 2050 and our members are investing both time and money for the climate. We support several of the proposals presented by the report and technology development is an important part of a fossil free future”, Fredrik Larsson, Senior Policy Advisor, Safety & Environment, Swedish Shipowners´Association, says.

– I have not always been impressed by the global maritime sector when it comes to handling the important issues of sustainability and climate. But in Sweden they shipping sector joined the 2030-secretariat on their own initiative and are a powerful driving force for a fossil free future, so that maritime transport truly equals environmental transport, Mattias Goldmann, CEO, 2030-secretariat and Fores, says.


The report ”Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden ” will be presented on March 9 at 12.00 at a seminar organized by the 2030-secretariat and the trade association Swedish Shipowners´ Association.

Read the report here: Decarbonisation of Maritime Transport

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